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Trade Show Magician

I am often asked on the trade show floor ( I do trade show demos ) if I am wearing an ear prompter ( a device to hear your script without memorizing). When I tell the individual I memorize the script, they are blown away. Memorizing for me is pretty hard unless I employ a simple trick I created for myself that helps "download" the script into my head making it easier to recall during rehearsals. Below is a link to a presentation I just hosted at the AMI Worldwide Food Expo in Chicago just to prepare you:

The trick: I read the script the client sends me into my quick time media player through my computer and save it. Next, I transfer the audio file to my iPhone and every night before bed I put my ear buds in and listen to the script on a LOOP so it plays all through the night over and over again. The following day or week during rehearsals, the script seems to come natural to my mind. When I finally pitch on the floor, it flows perfect! This is a great trick too for students studying for exams. Read your presentation into your media player. When your mind hears your own voice playing the presentation over and over, it seems to recall the data much easier than standing there reading live and memorizing cold.

Trade Show Magician

Here is the next key trick: I record SECTIONS of the presentations or paragraphs into individual recordings so I have a playlist of the script broken up like songs. I sit down and LOOP one section at a time and listen to that looped section or paragraph at least five times and then stop the tape and say what I just heard. It flows because my mind remembers what I slept on the night before! This is how I rehearse all of my trade show demos and it works! I hope this helps!


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